Monday, September 18, 2006


Cardiff County Councillors Emailed

This notice was posted by an Action Network user not the BBC
Updated: 12 Sep 2006
By daoud jibreel

Hi people

This is the email that I have sent to all county councillors in cardiff this week, I hope that you who read this will copy paste it and send it to your MP n AM and ask them to demand that this set of accounts be produced.


I am emailing all members of the council and asking them to go to and read the blog titled : Cardiff cc deemed and unfit social landlord, I placed it there because I am fed up being victimized by housing officers and nuisance neighbours.

I am also urging all members of the council to demand that a set of accounts be produced that have the current council housing stock as if it were owned by a housing association. I believe that those accounts would be up by £30 Million at the end of year balance and that the rent revenue account kept as it is currently is detrimental to the citizens of Cardiff. (unfortunately my MP Julie Morgan and AM Sue Essex would not demand this on my behalf (One wonders why?)

I am also urging all members to read the rest of my blogs on the same site a list of these are found under the title :welsh assembly the crazydave files. As I believe the solutions offered there would resolve some of our social issues.

While I appreciate that I am not one of your ward I believe that just the change in the rent revenue account would benefit your ward members in the long term, any comments would be welcome. Most especially ‘I will do this for you crazydave’.

All the best David."
for a full list of blogs go to welsh assembly the crazydave files

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